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We know that you've done the "normal" tourist activities.  We also know you are ready for a more meaningful experience.

Please fill out this form to request a dinner gathering or more information! 

Don't worry if there isn't a host signed up for your destination.  By the time your trip comes, someone will probably have stepped forward!  Submit a request and we'll see what we can do to help you!

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We know that you've done the "normal" tourist activities.  We also know you are ready for a more meaningful experience.

Imagine arriving at a quaint house, windows glowing with light, awaiting your arrival.  Your host for the evening opens the door and welcomes you in.  A bubbly pot on the stove emits a wonderful, yet new aroma.  You are immersed in an authentic local experience, eating what locals eat, drinking what locals drink.  The conversation smoothly flows from your travels, to the host's daily life, to global issues.  Or maybe you dwell on the more quirky aspects of life.  You have a chance to see a resident's home.  The decor, the ammenities, the neighborhood.  You begin to realize you have much in common with your foreign counterparts and yet much is different as well.

  • The cost for a two hour dinner event is $46 US Dollars per person.
  • As a Guest, it is your responsiblity to arrange for transportation to and from the Host's home.
  • After a reservation has been made, we will send you the exact address of your destination.  You can plan your details from there!

This is the new wave of travel.  Get out of long tourist trap lines to see another boring stop on your travel itinerary!  You've already done the guidebook destinations, an excursion, and day trips.  Get off the overcrowded tour bus.  It's time to branch out and interact with local residents.  Have you ever wanted to eat like local people and see their country as they see it?

Here's your chance!  You will get to sample local cuisine as you visit a real family's house.  What a fun sight seeing activity while on vacation!

Or maybe you are new to the international vacation?  That's ok too!  You can enjoy your day sight seeing, taking museum tours, and all the popular things to do.  For dinner, consider this option rather than eating in an overpriced restaurant.

Are you traveling (international) in:

  • Europe?
  • England? London?
  • Scotland?
  • Ireland? Dublin?
  • France? Paris?
  • Denmark?
  • Belgium?
  • Netherlands?
  • United States?
  • Elsewhere in the world?

These are our focus areas and give you the best chance of making a match!

To help grow our global family, we encourage every Guest to register as a possible Host as well!

Safety is our number one priority and we know it is yours as well:
  • Each Guest is responsible for his or her own safety.
  • DineWithLocals.com does not imply any warranties or guarantees.
  • With that said, here are some tips:
  • Carefully research your desired destination.  Make sure you know exactly how far it is from your hotel and how you will get there.
  • Before you depart, ask the concierge to review your destination and plans.  It's a good, locally based safety check.
  • Carry your hotel name, address, and subway stop written in the local language on your person.
  • Also carry the hotel's phone number or perhaps get a business card for your hotel.
  • Carry the phone number for a local taxi company with you, to provide flexible travel to and from your hotel.
  • Consider inviting fellow travelers to join you.  There is safety in numbers!  After you arrive at your hotel, meet some other guests and have them join you.  They can easily make a reservation through our website!

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