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Commonly asked questions.  Please feel free to email us with any questions as well!
Q:  Is there any cost to register as a Host or Guest?
A:  No!  There is no sign up fee, no monthly fee, no subscription, no cancellation fee to leave the network - nothing!  There is no fee to be a Host.  In fact, as a Host you get paid!  There is only the cost of eating dinner associated with being a Guest.  But hey, as a tourist, you have to eat dinner somewhere!  Again, there is no sign up fee, no monthly fee, no subscription, no cancellation fee to leave the network as a Guest either! 
Q:  How does DineWithLocals.com get paid?
A:  We charge a small transaction fee for pairing a Guest and Host.
Q:  Is this program safe?
A:  Any interaction with unknown people via the internet involves some risk.  Meeting in real life, even more so.  Our feedback rating system provides one layer of protection, but it is up to each user to ensure their own safety.  Common sense precautions can make all the difference.
Q:  Is this program similar to House Swapping?  I have been hearing a lot about that in the media.
A:  Along the same lines, but on a much smaller scale.  This program involves a short 2 hour, one time, interaction between a local resident and a tourist.  House Swapping generally involves staying in someone's home for extended periods of time.  Both ideas have a similar goal - to enhance a travel experience in a genuine way.
Q: What countries can participate?
A:  Any!  All it takes is a common language between Host and Guest.  English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, anything!  Our strongest participants are The United States, England, Ireland, UK, United Kingdom, Scotland, European Union, France, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece... I think you get the picture!  Everyone is welcome.  Even if you are not sure if anyone will visit, sign up and see what happens!
Q: What time does a dinner event normally take place?
A:  The time and date are up to the Guest and Host.  We recommend that the tourist spends the day sight seeing, taking a tour, taking a day trip, etc.  Check with a travel agent or tourism office for ideas.  Then end the day with a dinner meeting from dinewithlocals.com rather than a normal restaurant.  The event can fit into a normal or tourist activities!
Q:  What will the local person, the Host, make for dinner?
A:  The Host will cook a normal meal that they might enjoy any night of the week.  The idea is for the tourist to experience the food that local residents would eat, where they eat it!  For the Host, it is an normal night, but for the traveler, it is a chance to experience international authentic, cuisine!

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