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Client service and satisfaction are the underpinnings of our business.

We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service to make your travel experience as smooth as possible.

We are just a small company with a big vision...the citizens of the world meeting each other.  Imagine what can happen when regular people start to exchange ideas. 
It gives us goose bumps.

Based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA we just can't get enough travel in our lives.  Being a host is a close second to traveling ourselves.  Meeting new people, being a part of their memories, and gaining a glimpse of the culture our guests come from is what it is all about for us.

Traveling one time in France, I was eating dinner at a small restaurant.  The place was charming and quietly buzzing with happy diners.  I was thrilled to have found a restaurant that was visited by local people.  At the table next to me, several couples dined together and were obviously enjoying each others company.  Suddenly, a man accidently knocked over his water glass.  He called out "Voila!".  Everyone laughed and continued on with the evening.  I was enchanted though - a crystal clear experience that went straight to my heart.  For a split second, I experienced an everyday reaction to an everyday occurance.  People in France really do say "voila"!  This is the sort of experience we will hope you have as well.  By meeting with local people in their homes, you will!

We are not a professional travel agency, nor a travel agent.  Just a normal couple from Colorado with a big idea!

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